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By Bleeding Heart (anonymous) | Posted September 12, 2008 at 13:23:13

Dr. Ted's suspicions are supported by the HHS mantra that Hamilton citizens must choose between proximate care and quality care, a public relations technique designed to limit policy options to existing administrators' level of competence. Call me weird, but what I want, when I keel over shovelling the snow or sever an artery with a home power tool, is the best care close at hand.

It appears that as city council shifts toward developing a municipality of diverse communities, HHS still sees emergency vehicles racing across town on inner-city expressways. How will ambulances get from central Dundas to General or St. Joe's emergency wards when Main St. and Victoria or James St. have LRT tracks running up and down their middles?

City boards of education, which spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually and whose decisions effect the shape and development of the city and its communities, are publicly elected. Isn't it time that the boards of local health services be selected the same way?

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