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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted July 31, 2008 at 23:20:16

Wow.. take a look at the cop's report before the video surfaced:

"... Deponent [cop] further states that upon instructing the defendant to cease the above-described conduct [riding in the middle of a lane], the defendant steered the defendant's bicycle in the direction of the deponent [cop] and drove defendant's bicycle directly into deponent [cop]'s body, causing deponent [cop] to fall to the ground and causing deponent [cop] to suffer lacerations on deponent [cop]'s forearms."

Talk about living in an alternate reality! How about: "Deponent rammed deponent's forearms into defendant's body, knocking defendant to the ground whereupon deponent got angry that defendant caused deponent's arms to hurt, so deponent used excessive force to illegally detain defendant and deponent lied on report to cover deponent's ass. Deponent now works at the desk, until deponent is found guilty of assault at which point deponent will no longer be employed by the police force."

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