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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted April 20, 2008 at 08:18:04

Not a voice heard of treason but than sound of trained reason...

I wish I shared in the enthusiasm of downtown living as so many envision it. Or even as Petula Clark sung about in her once popular hit. But I don't. Downtown for me has always meant paying to park if a spot could be found. It has always been a place where haughty esquires set up shop all around. It was a place someone went for public assistance or to pay off fine. Certainly not a fond memorable destination of mine.

I'm told that there's fabulous entertainment there but I'm out on the fringe fearing non-payment's flare, for turning the screws when bill's or plumb-bob's money's not there. I'm glad though that some are having fun without care.

My clothes dryer is near to fire, my fridge is on the fritz. My child support arrears bring on the Ministry's blitz. Insurance and mortgage and utility's fees, have given me the shitz run down on my knees.

The foundation too leaks and the roof needs a fix, the oil change was missed by ten thousand clicks. My job's dust and sewage made me three days now sick and I hope that by Monday the pills do the trick.

So when looking for sympathy of our downtown's apparent ills. Of its crumbling structures or special lightening's lentils. Remember my friends of a vision vast and grand, when you're seeking the help of another's chapped hand to first lift him up so by himself he will might stand.

...dancing down the street on both feet two there pleasing band!?

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