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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 28, 2006 at 00:40:55

Having been an inspector for 10km of trail along the Welland Canal as part of the Greater Niagara Circle route I can tell you that there wouldn't be less than 3m to the waterline. As you say, they are sketches and they're not meant to be scaled. When building a trail, you will rarely find a drawing that details the exact placement of the trail since situations can arise in the field that could never be accounted for at the design stage. You might find a typical cross-section or maybe one every 100m but the exact placement of the trail will never be known until it's actually being built. Also, if you look at the sketch you can see that there is a fence along Eastport Drive... That's what the dots are. Also, do you really think that a fence will stop traffic on Eastport. I expect that when typical sections come out, you'll see a much bigger barrier than a fence between the two.

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