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By jason (registered) | Posted January 10, 2008 at 08:42:29're right on here. I much prefer to look at cities like Montreal, Portland, Boston etc.... for Hamilton's inspiriation. I only mentioned TO here because the few things that I pointed out would do wonders for Hamilton - 2 way streets, light rail, wider sidewalks and better design on downtown streets to the sidewalk with no parking lots. Whenever I'm in TO I generall go to Chinatown/Kensington. Bloor St area is horrendous IMO. Absolutely no comparison to NYC. There are definitely better models for Hamilton to follow. I just find it a little frustrating that with a fraction of the population and vehicles we still think we need these 5-lane highways and crappy transit instead of growing up and acting like a real city. Portland, Seattle, Boston, Montreal etc.....

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