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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 21, 2007 at 09:39:19

Amen! lol! Hey Ted, Look!! I agree ;)

I don't even have a driveway to shovel but I really wanted to shovel snow (call me crazy) so I slept over at my friends place and shovelled theirs and their 2 neighbour's driveways and sidewalks 3 times on Sunday. Of course this isn't the only reason, I had to be up the mountain early in the morning and wanted to minimize my driving time/distance but I loved it. I didn't end up driving until the evening and so I didn't see anyone stuck on the road and the reason I stayed off the road for so long was because of the people you talk about in your piece. I love driving in the snow and I drive cautiously except for the occasional e-brake turn which, when done properly and with no other vehicles or pedestrians around, can be the simplest way around a corner if the roads are really slick but I don't trust the majority of the other drivers on the road who enjoy taking my lives in their hands...especially those in their SUVs chatting on their cell phones as their flying down the highway in the left lane going much faster than everyone else because they THINK they're invincible!

I think it's too easy to get your license and I also think it's to easy to become a drivers' instructor. Is it even regulated?

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