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By markwhittle (registered) - website | Posted December 14, 2007 at 15:10:08

When amalgamation happened many, many residents were hopeful that we would eventually grow into the role of one big city.

On the whole we are in a much better position getting proportional funding for services that can help our city survive and prosper.

Our social services have had more and more people get off it and onto something better suited like ODSP and many actually working and earning a wage. We recently were given enough money to buy six new wheelchair accessible buses that will better serve our community and provide an alternative instead of using a car.

Having an appointment as St josephs hospital recently gave me a chance to ride a bus to get there and back after taking the car to a previous appointment.

Just the parking fee alone would have paid for both appointment trips had I taken the bus.

Now if you really wanted people to take the bus woulkdn't you want to lower fares, not raise them making it even less affordable to those citizens who can least afford it?

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