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By CityJoe (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2007 at 02:19:11

Why don't GHA residents stop fighting amongst themselves, & simply see this for what it was? A Money Saver for the Province on the backs of various cities?

Media in general seems to have been pretty subdued & silent on any number of controversial Provincial issues & decisions. They report them, but serve up no comment after the fact. It would be interesting to know why & how the Prov. Gov. seems to have this strangle hold on the media. The fact of the Liberals being re-elected with a majority recently will just make this situation worse.

In my own opinion the GHA is ungovernable from both a financial & planning standpoint. The cash-strappped GHA just promotes more & more development in an vain attempt to catch up with their costs. They never will.

Toronto also teeters on bankruptcy, while the cost of living there & poverty levels skyrocket. Does it look like amalgamation is working anywhere?

Will any Provincail political party give you a choice next election to reject amalgamation? Of course not! Could local government force the issue? Maybe...but there doesn't seem to be anyone there who will to admit that it was a mistake in the first place.

Perhaps this is the elephant in the room that no one will mention? It is ungainly, expensive to feed, impossible to manage, messy, & completely inappropriate to it's situation, but who is gonna try to remove it? I don't see any body brave enough to try. There isn't even anyone in the media willing to report that it is there by mistake, or that there is a possibility of removing it.

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