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By jason (registered) | Posted November 29, 2007 at 18:12:44

as much as I appreciate all the name-calling, I really would just like a decent answer on the serious question I pose regarding our 0% growth rate. Yes, Centre Mall is being rebuilt. Yes Lowes is opening a store on Barton. Yes, the turnaround CONTINUES on Ottawa Street (I've been spending time/money on Ottawa for's turnaround is nothing new and nothing Red Hill related).
And YES, the projected growth in the city next year is 0%. So far I've heard a lot of stuff here about arguing and battles and wingnuts and ideology (the usual response in Hamilton when someone asks a decent question). I'm starting to think that Larry is my only hope to get a thoughtful answer on what ails our economy to the point of having such a bad projection for next year...the year after our newest highway links have opened up. It's a legit question and so far your responses confirm my suspicion that I won't be hearing any solid answers from any of you until the Spec tells you how to respond. God gave you brains. Use them for something other than tossing shallow insults at someone.

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