Comment 14264

By jason (registered) | Posted November 20, 2007 at 09:32:06

let's worry about opening up more land for development once all the current land is used properly. The Hamilton Mountain business park has been sitting there, much of it serviced, for 25 years. As far as I know, a stinky pig plant has been the only business to come knocking so far.

Regarding progressive development and the HPD group, aren't we supposed to be trying to attract folks like the guys who started this group?? One of them owned a high tech firm in burlington, NOT hamilton. city hall always goes on about how this is the demographic we need to lure here, then when one of them dares to get involved we call them names and yap about their hidden 'agenda'. Yea, their agenda is that Hamilton quits acting like a filthy, backwards 1950's hicktown.

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