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By kevin (registered) | Posted November 12, 2007 at 18:43:43

We are so doomed, yet no one wants to talk about it. My wife is one who doesn't. It's interesting. She won't discuss Peak Oil. She doesn't want to have to think about an impending apocolypse. She doesn't read RTH or anything I do that is "depressing."

To an extent, I get that. She recognizes the problems and does her part to reduce, reuse, recycle.

I don't get, however, "intelligent" people supporting SUVurbia. Larry Di Ianni and Hazel would be nowhere without the help of main stream media, business elite, multiple levels of government, political parites, police, big unions, and millions and millions of tax paying citizens.

We're up against too much.

I've given up. I'm teaching my kids that world is overrun with idiots, so don't trust what anybody says. Learn to think, provide, and survive on your own. Most importantly, try be content living in a fridge box, because that is what it is coming to.

Finally, if some loser, who's less prepared, but has been lead to believe he's entitled, comes near the fridge box, let him have it.

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