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By grok (registered) | Posted April 09, 2020 at 14:27:51

No bourgeois regime at any level inside the 'Western', 'Democratic' NATO Imperium -- which of course includes Imperialist Canuckistan (think long-time predatory resource extraction corporations based in Toronto, et al.) -- can be entrusted with the future of Humanity and the Planet. Bottom line. Everybody and their dog can now see this -- even if such cogent, important, relevant and urgent facts remain proscribed thought in the bourgeois mass-propaganda media.

The working-class OTOH IS the future of the Human species. Its liberal and petit-bourgeois allies (consciously or otherwise) help make that absolutely so -- assuming we don't ALL perish in the insane NATO Militarists' plans for a 'winnable' WWIII nuclear holocaust beforehand. And anyone hoping against hope that e.g. the NDP or Greens et al. will behave differently from their corporate political party 'colleagues' (not necessarily implied here above) will be continuing to bark up the wrong tree: with plenty of evidence proving otherwise, no less.

Join the Socialist Revolution against Capitalism -- and its degenerate, grasping, Neoliberal SPECTACULARLY failed endgame. Humanity AND a globalized Planet DEMAND it.

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