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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted January 22, 2020 at 13:08:11

What Ryan is talking about is the non-transit supporter whom likes BRT or a "Political BRT" as opposed to real BRT. Politicians who are desperately supporting BRT over LRT, just want an Express Bus with really nice bus stops most likely, operating in mixed traffic with a few km's of nearly useless painted bus lanes. Brampton's Zuum Bus Rapid Transit Network comes to mind. Yes, it can build up the numbers of passengers but it offers very little real time savings especially, if vehicular traffic becomes heavy along the route. Painted Bus lanes on busy streets are almost impossible to monitor and prevent non-bus vehicle access to the bus lanes.

Real BRT costs quite a bit and has real traffic free rapid transit operations and stations. York Region's Viva BRT comes to mind. A real political commitment to actual BRT operations is a must. The phrase, "Like a train line but with buses" should never be said more than once by the operations staff of your future BRT system. Real BRT systems don't operate like that at all, they just look like they do.

Real BRT has physically segregated lanes that required years construction and network designs that think about future capacity needs. Like having or leaving space for passing lanes at stations, wide dump areas for snow and water removal. Having or planning for, completely private segregated Busway right of ways (like Ottawa's or Mississauga's Bus Transitways) with expandable real, rapid transit like stations. Stations with different passenger platforms areas for transfers between local buses and busway buses (mostly closed busway operations) and or rights of wwys that allow for entrances and exits to and from the busway for local buses to access the busway. This gives the possibility of local bus services that can instantly become busway services which provides single seat destination service over longer distances (mostly open busway operations). Finally a design which has a realistic operating limit in mind and allows for conversion to another mode of rapid transit in the future, like LRT.

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