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By cameronkroetsch (registered) | Posted August 15, 2019 at 11:01:43 in reply to Comment 130300

I think that if a menacing person dressed in military fatigues drives a bus up onto the public forecourt of City Hall into a crowd of people that they should be separated from their multi-tonne weapon immediately. Instead there was a period where police waited around for the bus driver to let them into the bus (the equivalent of a friendly knock at the door), then some more time in which they proceeded to allow the driver to remain in control of the bus while they "talked him down". There were enough officers present to separate the bus driver from his weapon, boot it, and take it away so that it could not be used again in that manner. Instead, they let the bus driver actually drive their weapon off the forecourt and around to the back of the building, then to drive it away so that they could bring it back next week. That's an incredible leap of faith on the part of police, and a huge amount of trust, for someone known to react violently and aggressively. I think that shrugging your shoulders about this stuff is dangerous and I think it's important for everyone to speak out about this.

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