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By MichaelNabert (registered) | Posted July 06, 2019 at 15:28:16 in reply to Comment 130102

A carbon tax is an effective policy tool, as all of the available evidence on the planet indicates. Canada's new carbon price is far too low to be particularly impactful, but establishes the framework for something that can be dialled up to an effective level as part of a larger framework to address this real and urgent issue.

Which of course is what I have said all along every single time that it has come up. Whoever PGFontana is when they are not busily trolling here, the fact that they feel a desperate need to try to find something with which they can attack me personally by stalking my Facebook page at five in the morning because they cannot actually argue the facts or evidence relevant to the issue of climate change leads me to pity them, but does not in any way suggest that their approach to this or any issue is reasoned, credible, or adult.

So sad.

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