Comment 130064

By MichaelNabert (registered) | Posted June 29, 2019 at 17:30:08 in reply to Comment 130060

Actually, I provided links to a variety of economists saying that, as well as – although you clearly don't want to acknowledge it – the Nobel Prize for economics being won for proving it. The truth does matter. You are devoid of it, and attempting to make personal attacks because the evidence is not in your favour and therefore attempting personal attacks feels like the best tool you've got left since it's very clear that you aren't intellectually honest enough to admit that when the Nobel Prize is won for proving something works, it's probably a sign that it works. Since there is very clearly nothing further to accomplish by further engaging with you, and you refuse to either acknowledge evidence or respond to any of the questions posed to you, I bid you good day. I will continue to believe that we would be smart to respond to the most incredible range of experts in a dozen fields of human endeavour, while you continue to cheerlead for worsening the greatest collective danger in the entire history of our species while behaving derisively towards anyone who thinks that Nobel winning research actually means something. Best of luck with that.

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