Comment 126533

By PGFontana (registered) | Posted May 10, 2019 at 05:10:05 in reply to Comment 126531

You are getting warmer. As is often your case, there is a sliver of truth in your commentary.

I don't want to pay-anything-for policy action that belies credibility.Is the "Grand Design" meaningful policy? Why should anyone support stupidity?

"Well, we gotta do something, and quick, or we're doomed"

Alarmist drivel

According to you, the Liberals are inadequate, and the Cons are worse. The right is delusional. The left is loathsome.

Exactly what meaningful policy are you referencing?

If you continue flushing your cash down your toilet, your grandchildren are more likely to suffer from abject poverty than climate catastrophe.

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