Comment 126425

By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted April 27, 2019 at 12:39:56 in reply to Comment 126424

Nope, sorry, but everything you have written here is wrong.

First, you are wrong about "global warming" vs "climate change". The two terms have both been in use for decades and have distinct meanings. Global warming is the increase in average global temperatures due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and climate change is what happens to the climate as average temperatures increase.

Next, you are wrong about the correlation between GHG concentration in the atmosphere and average temperatures. They are, in fact, closely correlated, as established through a wide array of different lines of investigation across a swath of scientific research disciplines.

Next, you are wrong about average temperatures from 2000-2018, which have, in fact, been increasing steadily exactly according to the prediction models of climate scientists. The past five years - 2013-2018 - are the five hottest years ever recorded.

Perhaps the anonymous science denying troll needs to get a new hobby.

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