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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted October 03, 2018 at 13:52:35 in reply to Comment 123874

LRT needs certain preconditions in order to be successful:

1) Existing strong transit ridership 2) Lots of potential for new infill development 3) A land use plan that supports transit-oriented development

The east-west B-Line meets all three conditions today. It has the highest transit ridership in the city (11 million rides a year, or around 40% of total transit trips), it has huge redevelopment potential, and we have a land use plan that encourages infill investment.

The north-south A-Line currently has much lower ridership, though the city is working on increasing transit service level along the corridor with the A-Line express buses. It has very good redevelopment potential - especially on Upper James, which today is mostly a low-density wasteland of huge parking lots and one-storey retail. But the current zoning is designed to maintain the current single-use, low-density land use.

So for the north-south A-Line to get ready for LRT, the City needs to continue building up transit service and ridership along the line, and the mountain councillors need to align around a vision of urban redevelopment along the Upper James corridor that makes much more high-value use of that land.

For these reasons, the A-Line is planned as the second phase of rapid transit buildout once the B-Line is running and it becomes easier for people to understand how rapid transit along the A-Line will benefit them.

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