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By (registered) | Posted September 16, 2018 at 18:36:32 in reply to Comment 123719

Charles Ball -I consider the $60 Million an investment in our city and future. I'm sorry you don't see it that way. You are not being fiscally responsible when you cavalierly speak of 'blowing' $60 million. In fact, if you re-read the article, you would be squandering closer to $ 100 million ($60 million in non-property acquisitions plus most of $32 million in committed money to fulfil contracts). Doug Ford has spoken many times about respecting taxpayers money, so cancelling this project would be a huge waste of money and a bigger waste of an opportunity to really give the city the kind of higher order transit that most other progressive cities already have or are in the planning stages of building. What's the point of constantly second-guessing ourselves? It seems to be a popular past-time with some city officials who can't seem to stick to decisions they have made many times before. It was a good idea when they voted in favour of LRT many times. Why can't they defend their stand in stead of constantly vacillating? Why not consider it an investment, build the damned LRT and stop being a nervous-nellie. Many other cities have done it and almost every city that started with a modest system (like Hamilton's) has chosen to expand it after seeing how successful it is. As far as your comparison to preserving the old city hall, you are way off topic.
We are talking a transit system. Anyway, I support the preservation of our built heritage. We have lost too many great buildings to the wrecker's ball in the past. Go look at the rather bland and boring office building at the corner of King St. S and James and tell me it is more attractive than the classic Birk's Building that stood proudly since 1883 and was levelled in 1973. (RTH article -

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