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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted August 15, 2018 at 11:18:58

Another reason to narrow the two motor vehicle lanes and provide a proper physical buffer: Central Public School is located on Hunter just East of Bay.

When our kids were going to Central I asked the principal why the kids are never allowed into the beautiful garden area fronting Hunter. The response: "the traffic is too fast and dangerous on Hunter".

Since the bike lanes are adjacent to the school, adding a buffer and physical protection would allow the Central School kids to go in front of the school, with supervision, since the traffic would be slower and well-separated from the school grounds. It would also be safer for kids walking to and from school (and to the YWCA).

As the photos show, there is not much traffic on Hunter most of the time which means the two wide lanes encourage speeding.

Countries that take cycling infrastructure (and human nature) seriously know that bike lanes require physical separation for safety and so motorists are not tempted to park in them "for just a minute". There are also lots of side benefits for pedestrians (and motorists due to the safer speeds).

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