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By ASmith (registered) | Posted June 29, 2018 at 08:48:09 in reply to Comment 123155

GDP growth only increases tax revenue if that growth is taxed. All too frequently, it is not.

In Ontario, provincial revenue has gone up from 14.8%/GDP in 1989, to 18.1% for 2017.

Are govt services 25% better in Ontario now, than in 1989? They should be, because our taxes are 25% higher.

all too frequently that growth is tremendously harmful to human beings and the natural environment.

Not true...

The parts of the world that are poor and not polluted are places like the Brazilian rainforest, or remote areas of Africa. They are clean, but they are also extremely poor, with short life expectancies.

the #1 way of boosting GDP growth is through a large war or natural disaster.

Sure, if you think giving up food for bullets is ideal. The growth I'm referring to is consumer led growth. Growth that gives us better cars, homes, tech, clothes, etc.

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