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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted June 21, 2018 at 06:24:22 in reply to Comment 123081

I'm not a professional accountant, however:

1. The reason Ontario's debt has been going up is that after decades of tax cuts, the government no longer collects enough revenue to pay for essential public services. Ontario has the lowest per-capita public revenue in Canada and the lowest per-capita public expenditure in Canada.

Chart: Total Provincial Revenue per Capita, FY 2016-17

Chart: Provincial Program Spending per Capita, FY 2016-17

2. Hundreds of millions of dollars in waste - let's say $500 million - represents 0.3% of the budget. I defy you to find a budget in any organization with lower than 0.3% waste.

3. Ford has consistently made the claim that he can find 4% savings in "efficiencies", i.e. reducing waste. One of his first "efficiencies" has been to cancel the home energy retrofit grant, a program that was actually saving homeowners money by helping them insulate their houses to reduce their energy costs.

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