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By wrcu2 (registered) - website | Posted March 31, 2018 at 10:55:45 in reply to Comment 122737

Both of you write interesting articles. John's are about restoration of the natural and Kevin's are about multiple issues but most recently he crushed cars. The underlying theme throughout both of your works feels like an affront to environmental degradation. I do not like to see this either but I wish to point out your inconsistencies.

Art Crawls Through Ugliness...don't make sense? So James Street in your opinion, John, is ugly or that the people, businesses and galleries display ugliness? There are no majestic trees; There are no beautiful blue jays, goldfinches, raccoons or rabbits to beautify that space! I'm sure there are quite a few pigeons nearby but they rest at night. Although I suppose their poop does enhance the ugliness factor somewhat, but hey, that's their paint and their canvas is wherever they perch. They are our feathery weatherlings if you will. Nocturnal creatures like some sub-humans generally do not seek out beauty at night, nocturnal creatures are usually seeking prey, but hey, why not? Just grab a few rattlers and go tagging, break a few windows or litter until your dark heart's content.

Humans, generally speaking of course, do not embellish the natural. We bury rivers beneath pavement in cold concrete tubes. We chop down trees, cut them into pieces and build square houses to live in. We place our houses in squared neighborhoods. Have you ever noticed that very little in nature is ever formed perfectly square? Man is a trigonometry genius, he can apply his point to anything and we must defend his right to do so. Artistic, testosterone packed men in post-war middle-class Hamilton did just that. And what were these rights they stood for eh? A decent wage to earn enough to raise a family, buy houses, and God Forbid, purchase the American Dream for themselves including ...CARS! These men earned the right to bury rivers, build factories and construct world waring machines to protect those rights. Everyone else be damned!

The automobile, Kevin, is the tool which enabled post-war men in their careers. It allowed family men to leave the confines of city ugliness and plant themselves within the beauty of suburban living. It gave him the opportunity to see this great country of Canada like no other generation before. He could go camping, fishing and hunting in the wilderness. He could take his son to scouts and build soapbox cars or pine wood cars for the derby. Getting a driver's license was a right of passage into adulthood for most young boys. An opportunity to finally put away the bicycle and buy a real cool machine, his first car. A chance to travel beyond the restrictions of two-wheeled, two human powered foot-pedals and see the world.

"Car drivers are poisoning and killing everyone else" is an extremely irresponsible statement. You are a trigonometrical genius with the ability to apply your point to anything! You have chosen this one elephant, ignoring the herd in the next room. Mankind is being pummeled by environmental toxins from everything around him. From the air he breaths, the water he drinks and the food he eats, to the poisonous propaganda he consumes daily from the mainstream. Everything is fake. Your numbers don't add up!

Gentlemen, nature abhors a vacuum. Man is square in his thinking and this must change. The world is well rounded, like a number, and it will fill the voids left by man given time. Look at the greening of Chernobyl and Fukushima once man left them too devastated for himself to live near.

Please do not misunderstand me, if you can. I love to ride my bicycle. Last year I got my wife on a bike for the first time in thirty five years. I took her up the escarpment to the bench to have wine and cheese at Fielding Estates. She loves to have wine and cheese. It was a lovely ride through vineyards. We had a beautiful view of the lake. There were birds and amphibians as well in the many ponds we passed along the way. Our property is just one of only two, where a buried stream emerges into daylight from the darkness of a cold concrete tube. I have been reintroducing amphibians into this environment for a few years now and last year there were tadpoles in the springtime. Tree frogs and toads sing their approval in the hot summer evenings.

I have been where you are, in Hamilton. I escaped with much suffering and expense. There is goodness there to be sure, but I had had enough of the vandalism. Now my wife and I have fruit trees, a small vineyard, vegetable and flower gardens and a babbling brook. We see squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons, possums, dozens of birds including the occasional hawk hunting sparrow. Gage Park community garden was a wonderful experience for me as were a couple of other community gardens I worked in around town. All of which were accessed by my bicycle. Only you can be the change you wish to see happen. Do not expect everyone else to follow if you do not leave a good example for them to follow. Be the best role model you can be. People will look up to you. Don't be so high they can't see where you are coming from. And above all, Thanks for Sharing!


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