Comment 122578

By Notplayinggames (registered) | Posted March 15, 2018 at 15:48:40 in reply to Comment 122575

Punching someone is violence, so obviously it would be expected that you shouldn’t punch someone randomly. If I react violently it’s understandable. Buying a house or opening a business is a productive, it’s contributing to society, contributing to the economy. It’s not an act of malice. So if someone is negatively impacted as a side effect they don’t have a right to strike out violently. They have a right to voice their opinion, they have a right to let people know there are side effects of their actions to try and make people more aware. I’ve lived your scenario. I worked nights for years and people played music/had parties/revved engines/rang my doorbell. I got angry about it, but I realized I was on the abnormal schedule and no one was intentionally disrupting my sleep, so I adapted to the situation and used ear plugs or white noise. I agree 100% with you that discussion is the key to finding the right ways to proceed forward with everything in our society. That’s why these guys smashing windows have already shit themselves in the foot and taken themselves out of the conversation. They’ve proven they don’t have a rational perspective, they know they don’t, and they are essentially acting out because life isn’t fair, or as another guy said they are just proving they are kids out trying to cause trouble. Either way nobody will not tolerate

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