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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 06, 2018 at 13:25:10 in reply to Comment 122508

It would be just as bad if a band 30 thugs marched down Kenilworth (or Barton, or Wellington or any other street), attacking restaurants full of people and terrorizing passersby. But then this hasn't happened, so it is an entirely hypothetical question what the response would be (and who would respond).

As far as I know there is no identical event of dozens of thugs marching down a street full of people smashing windows of businesses people are actually sitting in. Peter, can you tell me where this has happened in Hamilton? As far as I know the other cases of vandalism occurred when the businesses were closed and did not involve the sort of direct intimidation of residents we saw on Locke.

The fact I live in near (and in) neighbourhoods that were attacked makes it is especially worrying ... but that it is just human. Is it really surprising that residents and customers of shops on Locke showed up to express solidarity more than, say residents of Kenilworth or people living in Stoney Creek who never go to Locke Street?

It is natural to be especially concerned about threats close to home. (Which is why I was more worried when the RER that I took every day to work was bombed in Paris in 1996 by terrorists than when a market in Afghanistan is bombed.)

The main problem is that the author seems completely unconcerned by the what happened to those Hamiltonians who actually were terrorized.

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