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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted November 27, 2017 at 09:35:27 in reply to Comment 122170

Trucks can take Burlington Street to the QEW/RHVP Expressway. From there they can can get to the 403 (via RHVP/Linc) and to QEW East and West.

According to Google maps the travel time actually two minutes faster going from Gage and Burlington St to just past the Linc/403 interchange via RHVP/Linc than it is taking Wellington/Cannon King to the 403. So you can't even argue it is faster to take city streets. It just feels more convenient (and is a shorter distance).,-79.8222107/43.2272359,-79.9556567/@43.2562158,-79.8653928,14.05z/data=!4m3!4m2!3e0!5i1

Just like other cities, trucks may have to travel further, but they have been provided with freeways and expressways to make that trip at a much higher speed than is (should be) possible on urban city streets. That is what most cities do.

And I am happy to pay the extra freight charge associated with trucks travelling this extra distance to avoid 18 wheelers on city streets. Indeed, many supporters of RHVP argued for its construction in part because it would get trucks off downtown streets.

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