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By VivSaunders (registered) | Posted October 06, 2017 at 08:18:18

Hate to be cynical, but in our experience, City Councillors (Planning Committee) set the bar at the bare minimum requirements under the Planning Act. If they don't have to notify residents under the Act, they won't; even if they are not prevented from doing more under the Act. There are councillors in the city who do a very good job of notify their constituents as soon as a development application comes forward. Some even insist the developer meet with residents at the beginning of the process. Other councillors don't want citizens involved until it's too late to make change. I wish you, and your group, the best of luck getting your voices heard. What you're proposing would be appreciated city-wide and if our NA in Ward 10can lend a hand, our email address is As an aside, we went out and purchased a very inexpensive portable scanner. After paying those exorbitant fees for copies, and having to wait when time was of the essence (only to not get copies of all the docs we wanted), going into City Hall and scanning the docs we wanted was/is a better option.

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