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By LifelongHamiltonian (registered) | Posted September 15, 2017 at 12:49:00 in reply to Comment 121948

"And we need to get rid of stupidity such as a child helmet law that so strongly discourages children from cycling"

Are you really suggesting that you want poor, undeveloped childrens heads smashed and crushed against the pavement, killing or irreparably damaging them? Are you really suggesting that you want poor children to have traumatic brain injuries that could last for the rest of their life, because you don't see the value in wearing a helmet?

Would you suggest that children get into a car and don't fasten their safety belt? How do you think travelling along a gravel or paved path at 20-30kmh will treat a soft, young skull? Should I tell you how my brother was tragically killed last year due to a Traumatic Brain Injury caused by negligence not dissimilar to failing to wear a helmet?

I suggest you read this from the CDC to tell you how easily most brain injuries can be avoided.

Stop spreading a false narrative that people shouldn't wear helmets when doing an activity like biking or skateboarding. As an adult you are acting irresponsibly by suggesting that kids will be fine if they don't wear a helmet. Keep in mind most children are growing and clumsy. Kids haven't gained fine motor skills that a grown man may have achieved and wearing a simple styrofoam and plastic helmet may very well save their life one day. You may say "but I was fine without a helmet growing up" and you're right, but time progresses and improvements in all facets of life are made all the time.

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