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By TreyS (registered) | Posted July 12, 2017 at 22:12:43 in reply to Comment 121731

I apologize to everyone. Just a little disappointed with the lack of discourse on RTH now and how any (not just me) with a different view with the majority on here are treated...this minority just goes away. And the readership and authors have no become so insular which I don't think the editors of this site wanted to happen. It started with some very divisive issues no doubt and how they are treated by and with the members of council's lack of vision and leadership for decades, the RHVP, the Casino, the City Hall marble, the Stadium and now LRT. It's very frustrating to watch.

For the record I was for and still am for LRT, but it should be on Main (IMO, it just seemed like a no-brainer choice) that way another bridge over the 403 isn't needed and the money could go to realigning the off ramps and finally making Main St two-way. The way 403 is aligned now seems to be the sticking point with making Main two-way, and not even discussed because the City can't control the 403, but finally you have Metrolynx being a facilitator between the City and Province, and it doesn't seem to be a going well. Instead it's jammed down King Street, wiping out sections of the streetwall for stations, and eliminating busses. It's a mess and frustrating, and obviously that frustration is coming through. Some just want LRT so bad that they're ignoring some obvious problems. For this I am sorry, I am done.

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