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You don't need a member card if you have a smartphone. Just install the SoBi app (for Android or iPhone) and log in using your username and password from the web application.

The main interface is a map of the service area centred on your location.

Main interface

From there, you can tap a hub in order to reserve a bike at that hub. For example, I tapped he hub at Durand Park to reserve a bike there.

Reserve a bike at a hub

The next screen is a confirmation that you want to reserve a bike. Then, when you get to the hub, your bike is all lit up and waiting for you!

Reserved bike is lit up

The display shows that the bike is reserved.

Bike is reserved

On the bike keypad, click the "Unlock" button and enter your four-digit PIN to release the U-lock.

My main gripe about the bike interface is a change they made last year so that the PIN is automatically submitted once you enter four numbers, instead of the earlier interface where you had to enter the four numbers and then press a Submit button.

Since the numbers are sometimes registered twice, I occasionally experience the issue where I hit the third number in my PIN, it goes in twice and the login fails, forcing me to back up and re-enter the PIN - at which point it's entirely possible for the same thing to happen again.

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