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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted April 29, 2017 at 06:33:21

"The *initial* route was shortened to allow for a "spur line" — in other words, a line going up James North to the new GO station — to connect LRT to GO transit." (

Now the spur line has been eliminated. And now Hamilton is on the hook for the "extension": "This would be contingent upon Hamilton City Council support as well as the consideration of available funding to address any additional cost requirements, if necessary." Does this seem fair? I understand Ryan lawyering up and trying to spin this one way but I've heard "full capital funding" and "Eastgate" so many times it seems strange to hear now that full funding never included Eastgate. Except it did because the extension was always planned. Read my qoute above: "the *intitial* route". Look at any LRT map and the Eastgate terminus is clearly indicated. Look at the map *on this page*. What does it mean? It shows Eastgate connected to Nash and the lines are all one color. There's nothing "extension" or "Phase 2" about it! It's worse when you realize they removed it because the Spur was added and prioritized. And then they turn around and say the Spur was "never a good idea" and "the weakest part of the plan." If it was *never* a good a idea and the weakest part of the plan then why was it added? Now that Eastgate is a better idea (again it was *always* included; don't let them fool you into thinking it wasn't) though we don't get the money and Hamilton has to kick in? They straight up punked us. And it won't be the last time. This is a clear demonstration of Metrolinx's incompetence. I knew from the start that the Spur was useless and Eastgate was the priority but Metrolinx didn't? And now they can't afford it? It's fully funded. Right guys? Thank goodness we didn't add the Bay St stop. That was $2.6 million out of Hamilton's pockets right there.

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