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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted April 28, 2017 at 06:04:59 in reply to Comment 121397

Your comments here have always been obvious concern trolling, and I can't help but notice that you never circle back to address the responses to your previous comments; but this one is absurd even by your standards. You are shamelessly moving the goalposts all over the place in sheer desperation to try and make something stick.

  • The Province committed full funding to Hamilton LRT with a $1 billion (2014 dollars) budget. Giving a funded project a realistic budget does not mean the project isn't being fully funded, it's a pretty basic component of project oversight and accountability. If they didn't give it a budget, you would be complaining that there's nothing to stop the cost from spiralling out of control.

  • What happened to the James Street spur is that Metrolinx completed a value-for-money analysis and found that it was not a good value for money. The fact that they studied it and recommended not doing it, and that the Province accepted the analysis and updated the plan, is another sign of responsible project oversight and accountability. It indicates that the plan is being driven primarily by policy, not politics.

  • The amount budgeted for this project is a realistic total for the cost of building the system. The B-Line from McMaster to Queenston will cost around $800-850 million, and the extension from Queenston to Eastgate will cost around $150-200 million.

  • The City and Metrolinx are committed to find savings along the line to ensure that the total cost falls within the funding envelope. Just a few examples:

    • The bridge over RHVP won't need to be replaced, just reinforced.
    • Less need for expropriations at QTC since it's just a station now.
    • The City can sell the City Motor Hotel site for development.
  • Full capital funding means the Province is paying 100% of the capital cost to build the system. It does not mean the Province is paying 100% of the capital cost and then giving the system to Hamilton. And because Metrolinx will own the system, they will be responsible for the financing, lifecycle and insurance costs.

And by the way, if there was any uncertainty that you are just trolling: in previous comments, you complained about the fact that the project was shortened from Eastgate to Queenston, but now that it has been extended, you're complaining about that too.

You, sir, are trying to suck and blow at the same time, and it's a dead giveaway that your objections are fundamentally un-serious.

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