Comment 121378

By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted April 26, 2017 at 17:15:56 in reply to Comment 121367

Suck and blow at the same time? Like how Merulla came out again today and said that Ontario transit dollars allocated for Light Rail *Transit* has "nothing to do with transit? I wonder if the Transportation Minister would care to comment?

Putting that aside, bobby2 is pointing out that the project can fail as a transit project but still "succeed" as a development magnet. However, is that how taxpayer dollars should be spent? On projects that only serve to enrich the 1%? Ryan, how do you feel about building stadiums for private sports teams? This is no different. Let developers pay for the projects that allow them to fleece the 99% by increasing rents and displacing small businesses and replacing them with corporations. When Joe's Coffee is kicked out for Starbucks you'll no doubt point to the "success" of the project; most people, on the other hand, will realize we were fleeced. Do not spend taxpayer dollars to enrich developers.

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