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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 25, 2017 at 09:32:53

Like Ryan I also get tired of saying this to BRT supporters, you will need a lot more buses with BRT. Buses that your existing council has had no interest in buying and or maintaining. These extra buses will be above and beyond what the HSR currently uses or has planned to purchase. Just like LRT, any new BRT system in Hamilton will require a new bus garage. One very large new one to handle the existing bus fleet plus the BRT buses or a new garage facility specifically designed for the BRT buses. Which is something your council showed no interest in paying for when they wanted the province to pay $300 Million for, more buses and a new garage, a request which the province rejected! Ryan is correct, the anti-LRT members of your council have no interest in BRT unless its a distraction to stop LRT.

Remember the LRT design Hamilton could look like many of these systems with their built in scalable higher capacity,

and your system will more than easily match this type of Busways/Transitways in passenger carrying capacity,

and with very minor physical improvements your LRT can easily match one of these types of Busways/Transitways in passenger carrying capacity.

This is what happens when a BRT Busway or Transitway System reaches its passenger carrying capacity.

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