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By john1242 (registered) | Posted April 20, 2017 at 06:48:23

Comparing LRT Capital Cost for Hamilton to Waterloo Hamilton $811M /11.9 km = $67.6 M Waterloo's $811M /19KM= $42.6 M Capital cost to build? Hamilton has $1 billion For 11.9 Km cost $84 m/km to Queenston Circle Hamilton's cost to Eastgate Square 14KM = $71.4 M Please explain the Capital Cost for Hamilton $84.0M for 11.9 Km and Waterloo's $42.6M for 19 KM ? Could you explain to Lachlan Holmes high school student with a handicap who spoke GIC meeting the benefits for him to move around Hamilton with support of LRT.from Mcmaster to Queenston Circle But has no support from Queenston Circle to Eastgate Square and Wards 5,9,10,11 who has handicaps challenges.Their only choice ride HSR bus for 5to10 years until funding is approved to Eastgate Square? Do the math funding is available $1 B Please don't tell me we have to start somewhere Start a Eastgate Square To McMaster for all citizens of Hamilton to use!!! I support LRT let's do it right.

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