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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 19, 2017 at 00:07:59

Oh yeah; for sure. KW is Silicon Valley North and one of the top tech and start up cities in the world. Hamilton is a depressed steel town with 60,000 on social assistance. They're practically indistinguishable! Where is Google's new Canadian engineering HQ again? Was it Hamilton or KW?

With the exception of one hi-tech company (now for the most part defunct company) that had a fantastic product, Hamilton is only a few years behind Waterloo in the tech market. There is no reason McMaster University and its various medical research facilities and nucleonic engineering specialties can't help Hamilton become a leader in bio-tech and nano-tech.

Ottawa discovered you only need good biological and scientific/engineering tech for nano-technology to flourish. Ottawa doesn't have Nor-Tel anymore but it still has, AEC, General Dynamics, Bio Vail, Norton and many other small but influential firms, including many that specialize in optronics and optical switching. You just have to let the market grow. Hamilton has all the ingredients, LRT service would make it a lot easier to attract and retain talent as well as move people from place to place.

Wow Jim, do you actually want Hamilton to succeed at all? You certainly sound like you want Hamilton to fail, just to prove your anti-LRT stance was right. Who's side are you on? I bet you own stock in some Waterloo based companies!

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