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By robbyjv (registered) | Posted April 18, 2017 at 15:47:29

I am an LRT supporter and the results of this poll are depressing on the surface. It makes you wonder how the Mayor and the pro-LRT Councillors have managed to let things get away from them.

Even with weighting there seems to be a few flaws with this poll.

94% land Line? 69% (2283 of 3324) of respondents 55+? Only 1 of 9 Councillors who funded the poll are from downtown/lower city (Sam Merulla)?

Seriously? Makes you wonder what result this poll was designed to produce.

According to CBC Hamilton article: "Merulla said there were three more key questions he wanted included in the survey, though ultimately they were not: firstly, do they know 80 per cent of the construction costs goes toward renewed infrastructure?

Second, do they know this is just the first phase of a bigger transit project? And third, do they know that the $1 billion is non-negotiable, and would go to another Ontario city if turned down by Hamilton?

"If those questions were included, it would be a landslide," Merulla said. "It would be 80/20 in favour. The fact that we're within striking distance is a huge victory, considering.""

Why were these questions not included? If the poll design has as many flaws as it seems, and if Merulla and other pro-LRT Councillors were not able to influence the design or content of the poll, why did they not run their own poll that would have delivered results the same time this poll was released. Either it would have confirmed the results or not, but we would be closer to knowing the real answer.

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