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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted April 13, 2017 at 22:03:14 in reply to Comment 121235

You begin by framing cost benefit analyses and examination of past practices as 'pure speculation'. So, there is no value in doing a professional study before deciding on a transit option? There is no value in looking at the experiences - good and bad - of other LRT implementations to improve our own? You're painting yourself as a defeatist if you think that is the case.

Yes it is a transit plan but like any transit plan it does not exist in a vacuum as you seem to suggest. It will affect other areas like employment and development. As far as sewer replacement goes, it is not an argument to validate the LRT but rather an important distinction related to how the money is allocated to build the project. You hear a lot of complaints about one billion to build a 'streetcar' when in fact 80% of the cost is directed towards preparing the ground around which the track will be laid. It's an added benefit that should resonate in a city with a 3 billion dollar infrastructure deficit.

It doesn't cover Main St? How so? Have you read the Rapid Ready report? And I'll call this the ninth time you've said 'removes bike lanes' without mentioning that they will be replaced and likely improved (BTW, I don't believe you ride a bike - had to say it). The new residences at Mac will not completely alleviate the lack of student housing (Spec article I'm not going to look it up) and I think the LRT will actually open up Wards 2 and 3 to student renters. Might be nice for Mac students to not have to get fleeced for living in a firetrap near campus.

The fact that you're not going to set foot on the LRT out of spite I think speaks more to your personality than to any rational or logical thought. But, maybe that's the defeatism speaking. The LRT is not a done deal and judging from the last General Issues Committee meeting, to the detriment of the city of Hamilton, you may yet have your way.

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