Comment 121212

By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted April 11, 2017 at 11:44:06 in reply to Comment 121208

There is a sign at each intersection that indicates ( or seems to indicate ) that drivers should yield to bikes when turning left. However, I find the sign to be small and a bit confusing. Some may interpret it as the bikes that should be yielding. Maybe that's just me. I would prefer a larger text sign like "Yield to bikes when turning left".

I often drive that area and a few times when turning left onto Wellington I've had bikes stop even though I was also stopped and waiting for them to pass. Each time the cyclist waved me through.

It will take some time for Hamiltonians to get accustomed to the idea that bikes are part of traffic and that road signs also incorporate bike traffic situations. I have also been guilty of the 'forgetting about' a cyclist as rednic mentioned below. I'm over it now. If I pass a bike on the same block I assume he his coming up behind me when I turn left. And, I always take a look in my mirror as someone could pop out of a driveway just after I pass by.

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