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By RobF (registered) | Posted April 10, 2017 at 15:25:31

All in all, the Cannon cycle track has been a real success, proving all the naysayers and concern trolls wrong.

Completely agree. Hopefully the lessons learned from it are extended to other arterials, which some seem to feel must bear the burden of traffic "diverted" from the King and Main corridor due to LRT. Induced demand also should apply here, and we shouldn't allow slight reductions in capacity for automobility in one place to simply be added back nearby.

Glad to see the Cannon cycle track is working. Imagine if it was one of several that formed a network for convenient and safe cycling around the City ... kind of like the Blast network: one line is a start, but the real transformation comes from networked connectivity and the exponential growth in usage that comes with it.

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