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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted April 07, 2017 at 12:26:07 in reply to Comment 121136

Why isn't going along Main? Was this even an option?

Main and King were both considered, and staff decided King was overall the better route. King has several benefits over Main:

  • It is directly accessible to a larger population

  • Main passes close enough to the Escarpment for much of its route that it reduces the potential for transit-oriented development

  • Main can serve as a cross-town arterial for cars if LRT goes on King, but King has a bottleneck through the International Village that limits its usefulness as an arterial

If LRT was on Main, project opponents would be raising these objections to claim it should have been on King instead.

In any case, the decision was made several years ago, before Council approved the plan and voted to submit it to the Province for funding.

Fred and Sam just talk about getting the roads fixed, it is not about transit.

LRT achieves a wide range of benefits: better transit, higher capacity, more ridership, new development, land use intensification, growing the tax base, adding more housing and employment through the corridor, replacement of ancient infrastructure, and so on.

This is an extremely well-designed plan that has been developed over a decade, survived an enormous amount of vetting and criticism, and has the endorsement of the widest array of transportation, planning, business, civic, environmental and social policy organizations that I have ever seen for any municipal infrastructure project.

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