Comment 120952

By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted March 18, 2017 at 04:19:59

I took your advice and contacted my councilor. However, I absolutely don't "agree with you." Removing bike lanes and widening streets to allow for more car traffic so we can lock an existing bus lane onto rails using a billion dollars of non-existent cash from a province on the brink of bankruptcy is not something I support. Throw in the fact that public dollars will be building a system destined to be run as private enterprise while removing an income stream from the publicly owned HSR and I'm absolutely out at this point. This plan prioritizes car traffic over bikes, adds no real improvements to transit and in many cases downgrades existing service, and bows to the wishes and lobbying of capitalist real estate developers looking to increase their own personal profits. This isn't even to mention the demonstrated incompetence of Metrolinx. No thanks.

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