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By (registered) | Posted March 15, 2017 at 17:31:01

"It is important for me to lift the veil so the many residents in our community who have different life experiences and challenges understand there is a real attempt to have major decisions made in absence of their legitimate concerns." - Hamilton News

This statement from Mr. Whitehead might sum up the numerous 'in-camera' sessions that he and other councillors participate if when making important decisions. TIme to 'lift the veil' on secret meetings at City Hall Terry.

"Let’s ensure that the narrative for the future of the City of Hamilton is not influenced by such a small group of single-minded crusaders." - Hamilton News

And this statement, also from Mr. Whitehead's article in question may aptly apply to his almost fanatic-like zeal to establish an NHL team in the Hammer - against the wishes of a good many citizens who had no interest in heavily subsidizing the sporting enterprises and hobbies of millionaires - when our own minor league team could not draw flies at the time.

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