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By JoeyColeman (registered) - website | Posted March 10, 2017 at 12:35:20

To add context, I've only recorded video in one meeting of the Property Standards Committee during the past five years. This hearing was 1 St. James Place and Victor Veri wrote the City asking that cameras be allowed in the meeting. He believes the City is unfairly requiring him to maintain the building.

I filmed because there were many vectors of public interest in the matter. I haven't seen any public interest in filming citizens engaged in property matters. Any public interest story would be the result of finding patterns by covering all meetings. Most of my stories are the result of finding systemic issues at City Hall - which is partially why the City is so resistant to me mere presence (camera or no camera) at City Hall.

I'm covering these meetings to make sure good process is followed. There's an irony that just being there on Monday exposed a completely broken policy.

In regards to Committee of Adjustment, I've only filmed once:

The City objected, and the CoA denied the objection because the applicant - the Waterfront Trust - is a government body. I haven't filmed CoA since, because I don't see doing so to be in the public interests.

CoA requests that I inform the Chair I plan to record. In theory, the Chair can forbid my recording of the meetings. In practice, I've never sought to record private citizens seeking variances, and the Chair understands the importance to his committee of the public being aware of their decisions.

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