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By JPDanko (registered) - website | Posted March 02, 2017 at 20:24:01

Completely agree - the PC & NDP are totally shameless on hydro - they smell blood in the water and offer lots of easy criticism to stoke the frenzy - but no actual action. I can't stand complaining without offering a solution.

As for the actual cost of electricity - yes it's more expensive than I'd like. My most recent bill was $621 for Nov 16 to Jan 16 (3852 kWh) - so $300 per month.

Of course I have a giant swim spa that accounts for around 3000 of those kWh - so I accept that as the price of having six thousand liters of water permanently heated to 100 degrees in my backyard.

Its really not that hard to conserve and take advantage of time of day pricing (the spa only heats and filters at night) if you really want to - but its easier to complain than take action yourself.

As an example - here is a story about how I've wasted about $10,000 in hydro because my furnace fan was broken:

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