Comment 120862

By matthewsweet (registered) | Posted March 02, 2017 at 13:04:57

The 3 R's have been amputated in recent years, so that only reuse and recycle are permitted in polite conversation. Reduce no long gets an airing, if it ever truly got one at all.

As usual, we resort politically to kicking the can down the road. Reference to the fact that nuclear generation produces waste that will come due many generations from now (if we're all lucky), at a subsidy cost far exceeding anything needed to increase wind and solar capacity. But hey, it occupies a small geographic footprint away from most folks and doesn't "negatively impact my pastoral country views" like those damned wind turbines sprouting up all over the place.

It's more than the Jane's Addiction narration; not only do we want something without paying for it, when it comes to energy, we want something without having to see or feel how it is generated. Like magic. Best of luck with that as we head down the road.

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