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By bobby2 (registered) | Posted February 02, 2017 at 17:17:56

Sad commentary on the involvement of average Hamilton residents regarding politics, transit,education, policing and the many other issues that affect people's lives! This issue involves politics as transit (LRT or Bus) services involves property tax payers as well as Provincial tax payers as all this money comes from all of US! I have to state, I'm against spending so much money on a fancy, dancy system that really adds no value other than the perceived view some will build now & others will come if you build it? Maybe, maybe not? Everyone wants to ignore the continuing trend of ridership #'s diving downward as public transit only suits a few! Anyway, look at the number of commenters for almost all issues on RTH, we could all fit in a good size closet. Raise the Hammer needs to somehow start to appeal to the many, as the Hamilton Spec is a total failure with it's "pay to read" policy that the boss "Toronto Star" gave up quite awhile ago. Hamilton needs a real voice, where is it? Let's admit, media needs to revamp itself as this City Council is dysfunctional, Prov. Liberal's have outlived their value years ago & now are only a "Revenue Tool" Party inventor & little media to call them on it. I'm sure my comments will not be taken well, however my intention was to improve the discourse of issues that affect all our lives:)

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