Comment 120675

By VivSaunders (registered) | Posted February 02, 2017 at 14:05:22 in reply to Comment 120669

No, it's not happening. The Moving forward plan always stated the BLine to Eastgate was a Top 15 priority to be completed within 15 years. After that the A line. When the announcement came out it was ending at QTC, the BLAST maps etc then showed the BLine extension in a future phase all the way to Fifty Road (and University Plaza in the west) . Todays announcement shows BLine Phase II LRT just to Eastgate again. We also have a GO station in the East that is going to be completed by 2021 yet the HSR plans after LRT opens, show either a LRT or TransCab trip plus with a minimum of 2 HSR bus transfers. We will still have congestion on the south mountain, 403, LINC, RHVP, and QEW Niagara. This ALine announcement doesn't address where the wholes are; nor does it address where the development is occurring. In my opinion, the anti-LRT camp will increase with this announcement; as will the divisiveness between the pre-amalgamation communities.

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