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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted January 30, 2017 at 18:20:02

Does anyone else see the absurdity of spending a billion dollars on a train that is supposed to get people out of their cars and then have the city pledge to widen the streets to accommodate increased car traffic along the main thoroughfares? I could have sworn that LRT supporters were saying that the LRT would *reduce* car traffic. Here's my plan: put in the LRT tracks, put in bicycle lanes, and if car traffic is reduced to a single lane then that's great because mass transit will only work when car travel becomes frustrating. Where is the courage? Constantly bending over to serve car traffic which is dangerous, polluting, and just plain selfish doesn't make sense. Either roads for cars or roads for people. We can't have both. So make a decision. Ryan, you're as guilty as anyone by trying to come up with some magic solution that will let people stay in their cars while they build an LRT that will only appeal to the same customer base it serves today. I've been saying this from the beginning. All you're doing is replacing the B-Line bus with a B-Line train. It will not make a substantive difference if people don't get on board and people won't get on board as long as they can ride the intra-city highways called King and Main. Kicking cyclists out for cars is as backward as it gets. The current iteration of the LRT plan is absolutely useless. Junk this plan. It's actually shocking that Metrolinx can be this incompetent.

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